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Hudson Glade invests in Good to Great companies with demonstrated and defensible growth characteristics. We target initial platforms with revenues up to $150 million or EBITDA up to $20 million. We prefer control buyout transactions in North America.
We are thesis-driven investors across the consumer-influenced supply chain and evaluate any potential investment in terms of how the company addresses fundamental secular trends impacting its industry. Hudson Glade is focused on opportunities in 3 dynamic sectors. We highlight select sub-sectors below:
Food and Beverage
Personal Care
Recreational Products
Food Safety
Building Products
Value Added Distribution
Household Services
Business Services
Environmental and HR
The foundation of our strategy is M.O.A.T.S.™: Management, Operations, Acquisitions, Technology & Strategy.
M.O.A.T.S.™ is our proprietary approach that provides for disciplined risk and opportunity assessments which in turn drive prioritized operational growth initiatives. This unwavering focus on these five pillars best ensure a virtuous cycle of value acceleration and risk mitigation. M.O.A.T.S.™ was developed based on the decades of investment, operating, and risk management experience and “pattern recognition” of the Hudson Glade team.

We target good companies with attractive M.O.A.T.S.™ characteristics:
Having the right management teams and giving those talented professionals the ability to execute is key to investment success. Hudson Glade seeks to partner with executives and teams who are truly passionate about growing their business.
Execution in all aspects of portfolio company operations requires a robust supply chain, thoughtful sales and operations planning, and consistent attention to customer and supplier needs and wants.
The strongest companies recognize the value of acquiring skills and capabilities that they lack. Accordingly, we seek to develop acquisition plans with companies that incorporate market, geographic, product, technology, and customer needs.
Investing in technology and innovation is paramount for companies to maintain their competitive edge. We work in partnership with management to introduce, upgrade, and expand a company’s technology stack.
A failure to plan is tantamount to planning to fail. We seek companies with a clear strategic vision, and for companies without a formalized strategic plan, desire to assist in developing one.

Our Core Beliefs

Growth Drives Value
Value and price are different things - seek to buy attractive businesses and accelerate their growth as you typically get what you pay for.
Strong Management is Key
Founders, entrepreneurs, and strong management are highly valued assets – talent is never a commodity.
Cash is King
A prudent capital structure encourages growth investments while providing shelter in a storm.
Return on Capital is Our Mandate
Seek attractive returns on invested capital but continually look for multiple ways to win to better ensure a return of capital.
Take Nothing for Granted
Know that we can always improve and act like our homework is never done.
Integrity is Core to Everything We Do
Treat others as we want to be treated and do no harm by not trying to fix what isn’t broken.